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A grave Injustice has been done to the American people. This has come in many forms from centralizing media so they can lie to your face without consequence or question.


To 3 years of Covid Lockdown where the government forced you to watch from the sidelines while your family members died, small businesses fail, and pharma add billions to their bankroll. Now a war in Ukraine the US started by violating treaties, where combined with Covid we have printed more US dollars in 2 years than we have in history.


We have watched taxes climb to nearly 40% in most areas while crime and the homeless population skyrockets. We have watched the US choke out and force our big businesses into leaving the US because of our green policies just for these big businesses to go overseas and use slave and child labor. While our professional athletes wearing gear made by slaves and children kneel for our national anthem in protest of slavery.


They say to focus on mental health but take our gun rights while we watch England a country without guns has a horrible epidemic of stabbings.


This is the new slavery this is our war, a propagated existence designed to sell us goods, keep us in debt, fear, and hate thy neighbor, and never allow us the opportunity to be truly free.

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